Are you looking for cross-platform mobile apps in your organization? Look for a suitable mobile app development platform with an attractive user interface & startling features. Also, there are different kinds of app development platforms that make the choice hard for developers.

React Native has become one of the favorite mobile app development platforms in a few years. Developers don’t need to create a separate app for IOS & Android platforms. Businesses will be able to create excellent apps with relevant functions to suit the needs of developers. The use of React Native IDEs and Editors are boosting the app development process in quick time.

The use of React Native IDEs and Editors are enabling the relevant functions within the app. Use effective tools to come up with the best solutions for business apps. The

React native mobile app developer are able to use the platform to build functional apps that work in the best interest of organizations. Take the best call with IDEs and Editors if you want to make a significant difference in the app functions.

Why Use IDEs and Editors for React Native?

Reactive Native allows the development of quality apps with JavaScript. A feature like Hot Reloading is allowing the running of new codes and also maintains the state of the application. Many companies are shifting to cross-platform apps and hiring the React Native app development expert will be the ideal option.

IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is the collection of tools used by developers to write the app codes. The app developers use different kinds of tools all along the development cycle and including compilers, libraries, text editors, and testing platforms. The IDEs bring many of the development tools in one framework like code making, searching, and removal of bugs.

The Editors are helping to perform all the coding tasks within an approved framework. These tools ensure the review of errors and ensure programming anywhere & anytime. There are multiple options in Editors for React Native and the selection gets tougher at times. The Editors allow you to edit apps using advanced-level features. But, IDE is doing all the text editing tasks and also compiles it inside the tool.

Top-Rated React Native IDES and Editors


It is an open-source editor that can be easily used with React Native. The developers can use the platform to create React Native functional mobile apps. Atom includes a wide range of plugins that assist the simple development of applications. The Editor supports platforms like Windows. Linux, and Mac.

The top features of Atom include –

  • It is a cross-platform tool available for multiple platforms.
  • Easy addition of features with plugin library.
  • It supports syntax highlighting features. 
  • The reduction time is reduced with smart auto-completion.
  • The interface is easy to adapt and use.

Visual Studio

The platform is developed by Microsoft and has some fantastic features. It is the open-source code editor that supports syntax highlights, code refactoring, Git control, and timely completion of codes. It supports platforms like Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Top features of Visual Studio include –

  • It supports syntax highlighting.
  • It has the code completion characteristic.
  • It has a great community of used code editors and debuggers.
  • It has a built-in debugger. 


It is the perfect platform for JavaScript and simplifies the app development process. WebStorm was developed by JeBrains and ensures quick completion of complex tasks. The platform has a vibrant ecosystem for plugins and has local history features. It also allows tight integration with VSC and advanced level support for React.

The top features of WebStorm include –

  • It ensures intelligent coding.
  • It supports all-in-one tool integration.
  • The tool supports troubleshooting, tracing, and testing.
  • Provides plugin support and maintains code quality.


Nuclide is the framework built on top of the Atom editor. The tool has the function to greatly increase the usability of Atom. It has some of the strong features found in the category and ensures easy riding of codes. There are multiple plugins available for adding all the features in the React Native app.

The top features of Nuclide include –

  • One of the best features of React Native development is the flow chart.
  • It supports remote development and thus ensures adding React Native apps is easy.
  • The deployment process is fast and the user interface is awesome.
  • The auto-complete feature is ensuring instant coding.
  • Get access to a clean and productive interface.


It is among the initial IDEs meant for top-rated react app development. Reactide has a React Component emulator for mock-ups & hot reloading. The platform also has in-built development tools to ease the app development process. The cross-platform desktop application is eliminating server configuration and the making of build tools.

The top features of Reactide include –

  • Live reloading in the app development environment! It also eliminates the need to flip flop across code files and relevant browsers.
  • It allows Live viewing of components in IDE.
  • The cross-platform tool ensures a seamless integration.
  • Other features include live visualization, an integrated node server, and in-built tools.

Vim Editor

It is one of the oldest IDEs that ensures advanced-level text editing. Vim Editor is famous among developers for its configuration properties. The free tool is easily customizable and has syntax highlighting features. The editor can handle large files and has an attractive graphical interface. It is one of the customizable tools that simplify the mobile app development procedure.

Top features of Vim Editor include –

  • It is possible to install it on large size operating systems.
  • The deep editor settings in the framework can be customized easily.
  • The copy-editing process is fast in the framework.
  • The tool takes little space on RAM to run effectively.
  • It supports multiple kinds of file formats and programming languages.
  • It has a powerful search & replace feature.

GNU Emacs Editor

It is the text editor that comes with a powerful user interface. GNU has the best functionalities and belongs to the editor’s family famous for extensibility. The editor is useful for developers looking for simple app development.

Top features of GNU Emacs Editor include –

  • It has a high-speed coding environment and it supports syntax highlighting.
  • Get access to a large number of tutorials.
  • It supports theme customization and ensures full Unicode support.
  • The tool is doing a lot more than React Native app development.

Spacemacs Editor

It is a combination of Vim and Emacs. The editor has the best features and takes the best from the two frameworks. App development is easy with the availability of macro & key binding functionality.

Top features of Spacemacs Editor –

  • It has a stunning user interface and organized key bindings.
  • It ensures Git integration and finds the available layers with an easy query system.
  • It is available for multiple platforms and there is the availability of required documents.
  • Configuration of eslint support is easy and uses prettier.js to formal files.

Final Thoughts!

The IDEs and Editors are easing the app development method with React Native. Select the right type of IDE to enhance the overall performance and ensure faster development. The integrated app development environment has its pros & cons and thus select wisely. The react native app development needs to be done with professional assistance from developers. Talk with the React Native developers to pick the editor that does the perfect job for app development.

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