How will kids be born in the future?

They are using robots and PS5.

So it sounds strange, right?

A sperm-injecting robot baby has conceived first. Inserted sperm cells robotic needles into the eggs. A Sony PS5 controller was used to set the position of the needle. It created two healthy embryos who are now born two healthy baby girls. Imagine it looks like a box where sperm and eggs go in, and an embryo comes out five days later. We all know IVF(In vitro fertilization) is very expensive. In the US, it costs $20,000 for one implementation session. In India, one session is around 1.5- 3 lakhs. Yet around 5 lakh, children are born now through IVF each year. Now this technology can reduce the IVF cost as patients would not have to visit the clinic whenever the company wants IVF to be less expensive.

What are your thoughts on future robot kids?

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