The Indian Astronomical Observatory over mount saraswati captured a rare wonder. As a geomagnetic storm struck Earth’s magnetic field, designing unique auroras. The auroras are commonly seen at higher altitudes in parts of Alaska, Norway, and some other countries. This is the first time that the aurora was recorded on camera. The 360-degree camera atop the IAO in Ladakh Hanle records the mysterious phenomenon, which was triggered by a relation between the plasma particles dashed by the Sun and Earth’s magnetic field.

The aurora lights were identified due to an intense geomagnetic storm that hit the Earth. It is especially odd to see the aurora at such low latitudes,” the Indian Institute of Astrophysics, which operates the observatory at the height of above 3000 meters above sea level. The aurora is shown on April 22-23 night after a coronal mass ejection was struck on April 21.” The CME struck Earth at a run of 21,60,000 kilometres per hour.

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